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Action Launcher 3 is a powerful and elegant launcher that equips your with tools that can make your device's desktop look more elegant.

One of the interesting things on Action Launcher 3 is the covers feature, which lets you substitute desktop folders with special shortcuts called covers. From these you can quickly access an app (by tapping on the icon) or open a folder (by sliding over it). The good thing is that you'll see an icon on the desktop instead of a folder.

Another interesting feature on Action Launcher 3 is the shutter option, which lets you create widgets for your favorite apps just by sliding your finger.

One last interesting feature is its quick theme function, which automatically organizes all the icons on your desktop to match your wallpaper's colors.

Action Launcher 3 is a simple, lightweight, and attractive launcher that helps you keep your desktop looking elegant at all times.
Make your Android look prettier with Action Launcher

Picking a launcher for Android can be a serious headache. The options are manifold and the process of trial and error can get exasperating for lots of people. But if you're still looking for an elegant, powerful, and flexible option, Action Launcher might be just what you're looking for: as one of the most popular Android launchers, it has a minimalist look evocative of Material Design and stands out thanks to its great customization options. You can modify tons of settings till you get the exact design you want. But what's truly important is that it's all done with simplicity, without leaving you overwhelmed when you dig down into the nitty gritty.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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